Background Credits


  • House of Cards, Democratic Senator, Netflix
  • House of Cards, Staffer, Netflix
  • Lipstick Jungle, Interview
  • The WIRE, Stand In, HBO
  • The WIRE, Mayor Royce’s Aid, HBO
  • The WIRE, Featured Background, HBO
  • Without A Trace, Casual Jewelry Store Customer, CBS
  • HACK, Featured Detective Agent, CBS
  • HACK, Stand In – Detective Agent, CBS
  • The District, Restaurant Patron, CBS
  • The West Wing, Secret Service Agent, NBC
  • K Street, Restaurant Patron, CBS
  • 3RD Watch, Executive Parent, NBC
  • Law & Order SVU, Stand In – Lawyer, CBS
  • Law & Order SVU, Courtroom Lawyer, CBS
  • Law & Order/ Trial by Jury, Juror #12, NBC


  • In Side the Box, Car & Pedestrian
  • SALT, Deep Background / Business
  • Burn After Reading, Upscale Gov Worker,
  • Step Up 2, Subway rider/observer 
  • Body of Lies, School Crossing Guard, Warner Brothers
  • Die Hard 4, Street walker
  • National Treasure 2, Business Pedestrian, Disney Pictures
  • Shooter, Business Pedestrian
  • Evan Almighty, Business worker
  • The Brave One, Car Used  
  • Music High/StepUp, Parent, Warner Brothers
  • Enchanted, Business woman, Andanasia Productions
  • Rocky Balbola (6), Business Woman, Puncher Production
  • Breach
  • Music High/Step Up 1, Parent
  • The Visiting, Casual Dog Walker w/Ebony
  • Sentinel, Pedestrian, Michael Douglas
  • Rocket Science, Pedestrian
  • Freedom Land, Armstrong Resident, Freedom Land Productions w/Samuel Jackson
  • Annapolis, Parent
  • Failure to Launch, Car Used
  • Hitched, Executive, Will Smith
  • Little Manhattan, Featured Wedding Guest  
  • Manchurian Candidate, Tourist, Jonathan Demme, Director
  • XXX 2, Car Used
  • XXX 2, Capital Hill Suits
  • Interpreter
  • National Treasure, Business Woman, Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer
  • U Street Blue, Featured Beauty Shop Customer
  • Ladder 49, On Looker, John Travolta

Film Industrial

  • TSA, Airport Passenger – Silent Bit  
  • Homeland Security Exercise , X-Military Officer – Silent Bit, The Barber Group Inc.


  • Retirement Living TV, Featured Background, Retirement Living TV


  • AMTRAK, Family Reunion, Passenger on Train

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