Reminder: June 1 Wanda Spence Joins Vickie L. Evans On National Domestic Violence Awareness Radio Show

Wanda L. Spence copy

Wanda Spence

Washington DC, June 1, 2013 – Vickie L. Evans, the award-winning playwright of A Change Is Gonna Come asked Wanda Spence to join her on The Sighlent Storm, a national domestic violence awareness radio show broadcast by WHUR 96.3 FM (Washington, DC). The Signlent Storm is hosted by Mandrell Birks and Denise McCain, Saturdays from 10:00 am – 11:00 am, broadcasting on SiriusXM Channel 141 live, as well as on Wanda Spence plays Judge Harrison, a strong and stern judge who offers courtroom advice regarding the psychological, moral, spiritual, and judicial effects of domestic violence.

Ms. Evans will have Ms. Spence read scenes from the play, as well as discuss her award-winning stage play A Change Is Gonna Come and its acceptance in the DC Black Theatre Festival (June 22 & 29), the launch of her “Don’t Take Away My Innocence Campaign” for child witnesses of domestic violence and more! Mark your calendars and spread the word! Award-winning actress Brenda Buckner, who plays a character named Abuse, will also join Ms. Evans. Brenda’s character is very important to the play and helps set the tone with her opening scene monologue.

Wanda Spence says:

“I’m so humbled and blessed that I will be joining Vickie and Brenda on WHUR. Vickie is a great example of a strong, moral, and courageous person with a dream that refuses to give up. Brenda is a creative person with a giving spirit. I believe the audience will be excited to see her character come to life.”

Vickie Evans, Playwright

Vickie L. Evans, Playwright

About The Sighlent Storm

Mandrell Birks and Denise McCain, Hosts of WHUR's The Sighlent Storm

Mandrell Birks and Denise McCain, Hosts of WHUR’s The Sighlent Storm

HOSTED BY: Mandrell Birks and Denise McCain

ON-AIR: Saturday 10 am-11 am

RE-AIR: Tuesday 7 am-8 am / Thursday 6 am-7 am

The Sighlent Storm is an hour-long program that explores the issue of domestic violence. The Sighlent Storm is the only show on radio, television, or the web devoted to addressing the myriad of issues impacting families who are confronting domestic violence. Whether it’s emotional, physical, or financial abuse, Mandrell Birks and Denise McCain are talking about what’s happening with men, women, and children. The two relationship crusaders explore everything from date rape to domestic violence to, human trafficking to senior abuse.

Click and visit The Sighlent Storm online to learn more!


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